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Working Student Program

Become a Working Student: Your Path to Excellence 
Welcome, aspiring equestrians! Our Dressage Riding Academy is excited to offer a unique working student program designed to help you reach new heights in your equestrian career. By joining us, you'll gain invaluable experience, knowledge, and connections in the world of dressage. 

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Why become a working student?

Our program provides a range of benefits that cater to dedicated up-and-coming riders eager to advance their skills and career. Here are the top 10 incentives for joining our working student program: 
1.    Additional Ride Time 
Experience high-quality dressage lessons from our experienced trainers, or get the chance to ride one of our well trained dressage horses during extra practice rides. Enhance your riding skills and deepen your understanding of dressage principles with personalized instruction or self exploration. 
2.    Horse Care Education 
Gain hands-on experience in horse care, grooming, stable management, and health care. Learn to be a well-rounded equestrian, capable of managing all aspects of horse care. 
3.    Competition Opportunities 
Working students get first dibs on showing, after owners and leasers. Compete in local and regional dressage competitions with full support and coaching from our team. Gain valuable competition experience both in the arena and outside the arena. 
4.    Develop Employable Skills 
Develop skills that will make you and asset to any program such as clipping, braiding, professional standard grooming, equine first aid, organizational skills, interpersonal skills, and more! If you are entertaining a career in the horse world, these are skills you must know to find decent employment! 
5.    Learn Time Management 
Develop strong time management skills by helping young or new riders prepare for their horse for their lessons and learn to stay organized and on task. 
6.    Mentorship Programs 
Benefit from one-on-one mentorship with seasoned riders and trainers. Receive guidance and advice to help you navigate your equestrian career path. 
7.    Networking Opportunities 
Meet and connect with top riders, trainers, and industry professionals. Build a network that can open doors to future opportunities in the equestrian world. 
8.    Scholarships and Grants 
Be eligible for scholarships or grants based on your performance and dedication. Support your further education and training with financial assistance. 
9.    Job Placement Assistance 
Receive help with finding future employment opportunities within the equestrian industry. Leverage our academy's extensive network to kickstart your career. 
10.    Personalized Training Plans 
Work with our trainers to develop individualized training and development plans tailored to your specific goals and needs. Achieve your full potential with a customized approach. 
➢    Working students must be “GREEN” level or above 
➢    Working students must attend as many horsemanship classes as their schedule allows 
➢    Students must be enrolled in at least one lesson per week and/or leasing 
➢    Must have availability to dedicate at least 3 days per week to the barn 
➢    You will be expected to assist in lesson tack ups 1-2 times per week (this can be on your lesson/lease/schooling ride days if you arrange your time wisely!) 
➢    Working students will provide a full groom to multiple horses (clipping if necessary, bathing, hoof de-mud and moisturizing, tail spray and detangle, etc) 
➢    Working students will have the opportunity to ride on Saturdays, Sundays, or Mondays either in a schooling ride or lesson (whatever the schedule allows) 
➢    Working students will have the first access to shows and clinics, after owners and leasers. 
➢    All working students will be provided a reference letter for employment, scholarships, grants, or other applicable programs.  

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