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Equine Education Class

These classes are included in all student's tuition, however, you can also enroll in a class-only membership option! Each class follows our carefully crafted curriculum and offers all students fun, hands on, experiences with our horses and instructors!


Our horses depend on us to keep them healthy and secure. Everyone involved with horses needs the knowledge to understand equine behavior and the skills to keep horses safe from harm, as well as themselves.

Our unmounted equine education classes provide a solid base of knowledge and ability, with obtainable goals to help students – and their parents – track their progress from level to level.

Classes are for both adults and children. Young children must pass their RAINBOW riding level to participate in equine education classes.

These classes cover topics such as

  • No hoof, No Horse

  • All Tied Up 

  • Horse Safety

  • Should I call the vet?

  • Colic Crisis

  • Blanket Basics

  • Tack Talk

  • Feed Facts

  • Horse Sports

  • Bandaging Basics

  • + 250 MORE lessons!

Held every Saturday at 11 AM. All students MUST sign up each week for proper attendance totals!

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