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Dressage Based Riding Academy in Connecticut

Achieve riding success with our fun instructors, safe & educated school horses, free curriculum, and horse education classes


At Connecticut Dressage Academy, we know you want to be a confident, kind, and knowledgeable rider, no matter how much experience you have, or what age you are.

Our Mission:



the sport of dressage



the equestrian community of Connecticut interested in, or competing in dressage



1.    Accessible Dressage education to ALL riders of all disciplines
2.    High performance training for horses and riders 
3.    A community of riders dedicated to horses and dressage 



1.    Dressage lessons for any rider 
2.    Training of horse and rider 
3.    Coaching 
4.    Stable Management 
5.    Grooming 



1.    Leasing of high-quality horses 
2.    Dressage education on quality, well-trained dressage horses, available to ANY rider from ANY discipline 
3.    Competitive riders seeking a professional program to elevate their riding skills and competition resume 
4.    Riders that are interested in dressage seeking access to a world class program 

Horseback Riding

Finding the right riding program can be a challenge...
Let us make it easy!


We love horses, but we don't love toxic barn culture! We know how it feels to not fit in at a barn because you don't own your own horse or aren't a competitive rider. We also know what it is like to LOVE riding, but feel berated by the instructor every time you walk into the arena. Riding should be FUN, progressive, and not stressful or make you feel worse when you leave the barn.

If you live to learn about and love horses, you will fit right in with our barn!

Riding is frustrating if you don't know why you're doing what you're doing! Too many instructors do not have the knowledge, skill, or take the time, to explain things to students. This creates a frustrated rider, angry instructor, and worst of all, conflicted horse!

If you feel like you've been at the same level for years, without a measure of success, you aren't alone...and we understand.

We have the solution for you!


The best riding academy on
the shoreline

For advanced, intermediate, beginner, or new riders! All ages and abilities welcome!

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Ride with purpose!

Check out our step-by-step equestrian curriculum!

Find out which level you currently are at, what some 'holes'

 in your education are, and find out what is in store for your future!

You'll discover your knowledge of riding and horse sense!

Get your free equestrian curriculum!

Your download is in your inbox!


You may already be taking lessons but...

  • You feel like you are taking the same lesson every week, without further guidance from your instructor

  • You struggle with simple things, like get your horse on the rail or steer in a manner that gets your horse exactly where you want them

  • You don't know what the next step in your riding is, and you aren't sure if your instructor can get you there

  • You simply aren't having fun

  • You are concerned about the welfare of the school horses

  • You don't feel like you really "fit in" at your barn

  • You like your instructor, but you think their knowledge may be limited

  • The school horses aren't safe

  • You have a solid foundation but feel like there are missing pieces and you want to fill in the gaps

  • You have an interest in dressage but a lot of the dressage trainers are intimidating to you

There's a reason you're here...let us help!

Give us the reins to guide you on your equestrian Journey

My name is Katie Bogaert

I understand how difficult it can be to find the right riding program.

As a young horse lover growing up in CT, I could not get enough time with horses! I was fortunate enough to have parents that encouraged my passion and religiously took me to riding lessons. Unfortunately, despite horseback riding being my most favorite thing ever, I had a difficult time finding a barn I felt comfortable at.

I had a hard time fitting in because I didn't own my own horse. I also didn't value showing as much as other girls my age....and the adults I adored and looked up to could barely look at me (except one, who became my "barn mom"). Despite all this, I kept showing up to the barn because I just loved the horses...and as soon as I climbed onto the back of my favorite school horse all my fears and worries went away.

But I started becoming frustrated because I didn't feel like I was being pushed by my instructor to progress. I wanted to learn more and I wanted to be a better rider but I didn't know how to tell my instructor without her getting mad at me. I mean, I rode for 8 years and still hadn't cantered? It wasn't until I actually stopped taking lessons, and started riding independently that I found myself becoming a better rider. This was a huge red flag!

I expanded my education and studied under highly regarded trainers such as Patrick King Horsemanship, Sarah Geikie, and most recently Sarah Lockman & Lee Tubman. Through hard work, dedication, and the right mentors I earned my USDF Bronze Medal within the first 2 years of riding dressage, and my USDF Silver Medal within the first 4 years of riding dressage.

I continued to navigate the horse world as a young adult and observed that the frustrations I had growing up and as an adult were not just custom to me...other riders also experienced a lot of the problems I faced as a horse lover. So I grew up and decided to dedicate my life to changing the riding school narrative.

Connecticut Dressage Academy is my dream come true to provide an unparalleled experience for equestrians of all ages and abilities.

What makes us  different

No Pressure Enviornment!

Don't want to show? Cool! 

Want to show? Great! 

No matter your goal, we are here to help you on your personal equestrian journey. We will always encourage you to push past your self limitations, but we will never treat you differently because of your own personal goals!

Horse Welfare!

Our school horses are (literally) the backbone to our program. In turn, we make sure to treat our horses with the highest regard for their health and happiness. Our school horses receive routine massages, chiropractic, sports innovation treatments, and all standard dental, farrier, and veterinary care. 

Our horses work no more than twice per day and have two full days off every week. In addition, our horses get 5 weeks off every year! 

We believe all students should witness and understand compassionate care for their beloved school horses, and we are happy to set the bar high for that example.

Fun, Positive Instructors that know their "stuff"!

Riding instruction should be fun, challenging, positive, and encouraging. We understand everything isn't quite "rainbows and butterflies" all the time, but it is our job, as instructors, to keep the trajectory of your equestrian journey positive. We are responsible for providing fun, safe, encouraging, and challenging riding lessons to our students, and we take that commitment seriously!

Our head instructor is a USDF Silver Medalist and has studied under some of the most respected trainers in the country. Katie is currently competing at FEI Prix-St George and Intermediate 1 level with her horse Cedric, and sponsored horse Furst Fritz, with aspirations for the Grand Prix arena. Katie's continued commitment to her education and riding success only benefits her students as she carries her learning with her to her students and associate instructors.

Any Connecticut Dressage Academy instructor goes through rigorous training, including shadowing, lesson reflections with Katie, and routine observation. No matter who your instructor is, we promise you will be in fantastic hands!

Education that goes beyond the saddle!

Too many riders don't know why their horse acted a certain way, how much hay they should be getting, know about equine history, anatomy, knowledge of different equestrian sports, or what types of careers there are in the industry. We have a class that meets every Saturday at 11:00am for all our students that covers all those topics, and much more! The best part? It is FREE to all students! 

The best way to become a better rider is to really know your teammate inside and out. We have watched our students success sky-rocket since we have implemented this class and we are proud to be the only academy in the area to offer this class every week for FREE. We do this because we are passionate about your knowledge as an equestrian and we want to give you the best tools to be your best!

Never feel lost again!

If you aren't sure where to go next with your riding, or you really aren't sure what should be expected of you, or what level you really are, then our program has been designed for you! 

All students have access to our equestrian curriculum, which is a step-by-step guide to riding! We also have an app where all riders can keep track of their accomplishments and set goals for themselves. Our instructors monitor each rider card, so we will always know what steps to take next with you!


 Work Together

Step 1: Reach out to us by email or schedule an introductory lesson on our website.

Step 2: We will reach out to discuss your experience, goals, and current struggles you may have. We will also send you helpful information such as a welcome packet!

Step 3: We will make an evaluation during your session and discuss a custom program for you.

Step 4: Become a member of the academy and become the rider you've always dreamed of! 

Step 5: Enjoy all the perks of being a member like our equestrian curriculum, free horse education classes, weekly lessons, access to clinics, on-site shows, and members only events like our famously fun holiday parties!

Patrick King

"Katie has the success of the rider and the horse in mind and at heart. Happy to recommend Connecticut Dressage Academy!"

Marjorie B

"Connecticut Dressage Academy is where you want to be if you want to learn everything about the horse, from the ground level of horsemanship to upper level dressage.
Connecticut Dressage Academy is a hands on learn the basics (walk before you run) facility if you want to learn from the ground up.
Connecticut Dressage Academy is also where the experienced rider can hone their skills preparing to move on to the next level.
Multiple clinics, shows as well as off site experiences are available consistently throughout the year"

Beth L

"A year ago I was inspired to start riding again, I had not taken lessons in over 30 years. After checking out a few local places I was so lucky to find Katie! The barn has such a friendly atmosphere– no matter your age or ability level you will feel at home here. The horses are healthy and well cared for. Weekly horsemanship classes are included in the membership which allows you to learn so much more about caring for the horses and riding technique. I’ve learned so much in the time I have been taking lessons here and gained so much confidence around the horses. A wonderful break from the busy and stressful work week. My adult group lesson is my favorite night of the week! Thank you Connecticut Dressage Academy!"
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